Light up the town

Up coming bands 2018 – Light up the Town

Amazing band sensational with Lead vocals preformed by sassy Esther Hunter with depth and strong emotion & beautiful tone very simmler to the likes of Rachel Platten . Extremely talented band members with amazing individual tallents creating a fantastic performance.

Light up the Town is a alternative rock band from Graz,Austria . It consist of pop , rock & rock riffs parted with metal scene and melodic solo parts .

They have experienced how it feels to support big acts live – ban margera aka f**kface UN stoppable , Hopes Die Last , lost for Words , Wind in the Sails , Vanilla sky and many many more . You can also find them in national and international magazines such as ” cool-magazine – Australia & stencil magazine – UK also Music junkie – USA .

Band members

Esther Hutter – vocals

Thomas Kern – bass

David vass – rhythm guitar

Stephan Roth – lead guitar

Daniel weidinger – drums


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